How To Get Organic Traffic on WordPress Website


One of the best ways to rank your article on a search engine is through the organic traffic, now if your website is getting most of the traffic from social media then it’s good but it won’t be good as organic traffic. So today let’s talk about How to get organic traffic on a website with a simple method, it won’t be very easy either very hard if you do it properly.

For those who don’t know, organic traffic is that traffic which directly comes from search engine. Basically, the website must get 70% organic traffic and 30% from other sources. So let’s dive into this and learn something new today…

Write Everyday

One of the best ways to be in a search engine is by putting content every day. Now writing every day is not for everyone because you can’t put quality content every day. Like someone said, “every day is not the same” but if you’re new in the blogging world and you want your website to rank higher in search engines then you need to write every day with the same quality.

Now if you want to know how to write a perfect blog post then no worries, I  got your back, I have written an in-depth article about that, so do check out if you’re a newbie. Write what you think is right, don’t compare your content with anyone else.

Writing new post is not big deal but carrying same quality everyday will make huge impact on the website.

Content is King…

No matter how many articles you have written, it doesn’t matter how good your theme is, I mean you have a perfect website but if your article doesn’t answer what users are looking for then Google, Bing or any other search won’t recommend your article higher.

Now as I said, focus on the article title, answer the question is the beginning and later on, you can explain that answer in detail. Make sure to put the best content and later on, other stuff will come in play.


You know the best thing about today, you have tons of tools to market your content, you have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and best of all is “Quora”. You just need to open a Quora website, answer some of the questions and attach your article link, now if your answer is on point and solved the problem then it can be rank higher in search engine and you will get traffic on your site.

The good thing about Quora is you can earn money from there, Quora will put some ads on your answers and they will give you some share of the money, so if your answer is seen by thousands of people, you could get a good amount of money.

Make sure to be active on Quora and solve the problem and earn money from your website as well as from Quora.

A Keyword is not Dead Yet!

When “How to get organic traffic on website” article comes in my mind, I have re-searched all thing about organic traffic and most of the article said that Keyword is dead and don’t rely on keyword, in a way it’s true but it’s not a 100% true.

You know that time when you add 5 or 6 keywords on an article and your article do get higher rank in search engine because you used a keyword too much but that same technic doesn’t work now. So don’t totally rely on the keyword or don’t even buy keyword research tool.

Now what you can do, you can use a long-tern keyword, for example, “how to earn money online, “how to earn money from YouTube”. You can use those keywords which won’t die very soon. so if you’re writing a very long article, let’s say five thousand words article then add some keyword which is related to the article and won’t despair soon or later.


You have written 30 articles in 30 days, your website is also doing well, so now tell me what you did wrong or right in that 30 days. I know you can’t tell because no one can, now to mark those mistakes you need to check your website, to do that you can either use Google search console or Google analytics.

You must know the mistake you have done it in the past, so you can’t repeat those mistakes again, in this way you will learn something new and your website will also get more traffic from the search engine.

So no matter how well your site is performing, if you’re not tracking your site data then now or later you won’t get the traffic you’re getting now. Make sure to analyze the data and act accordingly.

Speed is Everything

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re not fast enough then others will surpass you and Google also believes that too. So if your website is not fast and takes minutes to load then google will also forget about the site. So the question is, what you can do about that…

Get premium theme, Optimize images, don’t use over 1MB images, get Mobile-Friendly theme, Use AMP for Mobiles, and Try out AMP stories…

I can go on and on but you get the point right…

Publishing Patten

If you’re new with blogging and don’t know where to start then here what you can do,

  • Publish 20 articles under a thousand words
  • Publish 10 articles over two thousand words

Talking about 20 short articles, select those topics which won’t take days to finish. For example, ‘How to Grow YouTube Channel‘, ‘ How to make an account on AdSense’. This kind of topic can be finished under a thousand words.

Keep in mind, if you have answered the question in 300-words then don’t try to write more, wrap up the ports and hit publish. In short, when you will you have answered the question and users will understand you’re talking about then it’s the time to back-off.

Coming to the 10 long articles, here you have to write a long post. Let’s say, three or five thousand words posts or maybe more than that. Now, you have to find that topic where you can justify the give a thousand words, don’t choose the topic which can be finished in 300-words.

For example, how to make money online, review Hosting website, what is ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO. There are tons of ways to make money online, so mentioned all the practical ways and add your thoughts in it.

If you want to know more about my publishing method then do let me know in the comment section below, I will l make this happen in the coming article.

Conclusion: How to get organic traffic on the website

I think I have explained all the things yet if you have questions then do let me know in the comment box below. Still, let me give a summary…

One thing you need to know is content will be king in 2021. So write those things which solve the problem, so users don’t open another website and if they do then google will know your website doesn’t have the data which people are looking for and next time, google won’t recommend your article to people.

So try to give an answer in the first two paragraphs and if you like, you can explain that two paragraphs. That’s it…

Happy Blogging…


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