How to Grow YouTube Channel in 2021


YouTube is the second largest website on this planet, so you imagine how big YouTube is. In short, if you want to make money online then YouTube is a must-have in 2021 but if you have just started or planning to make a new YouTube channel then I think you don’t have any idea how to grow on YouTube.

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That’s why I’m here, today, I’m going to tell you each and every possible way to grow your YouTube channel in 2020. Now, if you follow all the things which I’m going to tell you then your channel will grow rapidly.

Do Proper Re-search

Do Proper Re-search

I think you may have heard about this because no matter what you do, you need to have some idea about what you gonna make. Talking about YouTube, you need to gather everything related to that topic.

For example, I want to make a video about “How to Make Money Online”.

Now I will search that same keyword on Google and I’m also gonna read the first five articles which appear in Google search, more on I will watch some of the most popular videos related to that topic. I will see, what mistakes they have done or what they haven’t mentioned in the videos.

In the end, I will collect all the information and put it in one single video which will be uploaded on YouTube.

Note: No matter how small and long videos you make, try to give all the information related to that topic in one single video. So whoever is watching that video, they don’t need to watch some other video about the same topic.

Make Scripts

Make Scripts

I think now you have all the information about the video you wanna make. Now, it’s time to compress all the information in video formate. You can say whatever comes in your mind but this way, you may forget some points.

That’s why Scripts come in place. Whatever information you have, try to explain in the easiest way.

For example, let’s take the same video topic “How to Make Money Online”.

This topic has lots of bullets points. There are tons of ways to earn money online but you won’t mention everything, just add those ways which people will understand.

For example, Blogging, you can make money from a website right. When you talk about blogging than just stick to blogging, don’t talk about YouTube, Facebook, or anything else.

This way, video won’t become long and whoever is watching, they will understand very easily.

Shoot YouTube Videos in the best place

Shoot YouTube Videos in the best place

These days, people just don’t like to watch videos. They also see, how you shoot videos. If it’s possible, try to shoot videos outside the home, just go to any garden and start shooting.

If you have good visuals in your YouTube Videos then people will attract on top of that, if you also have said what users are looking for then they will subscribe.

I know, shooting videos outside is not that great, I have shoot almost every single video outside my home and the one thing I don’t like is sound quality. I mean you must need the best mic to record your voice because if users are just hearing birds noise and what is happening around you then they just leave your video and click on some other videos.

So if you’re serious about YouTube then invest some money in good quality mic because the voice is the most important thing when you shoot video.

Make Awesome Thumbnail

Make Awesome Thumbnail 

No matter how good you shoot a video, how well you explain but if don’t make clickable thumbnail then you won’t get views. So spend a good amount of time to make thumbnails.

Now, if you don’t know photo editing then just use the Canva website which has tons of pre-made thumbnail for every single social media platform. Choose the YouTube template and made some changes as per your YouTube video and upload it on YouTube.

Connect with your Subscribers

Connect with your Subscribers

Once you have a good amount of subscribers than just understand what they want from you. Every single person doesn’t just want to learn how to make money online, try to mix everything in one place. You can also ask your subscribers, what you want to see next, reply in the comment box.

Also, no matter how many subscribers you have, send them to your other social media platforms. Be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and of course, YouTube.

Build Trust

Build Trust 

No matter what kind of videos you make, give your honest opinion on every single video. For example, if you’re reviewing iPhone 11 then don’t just talk about the good stuff, include, bad things too.

That doesn’t mean, you need to include bad things in every single video. If you see that this product is not good for my subscribers then just say it on the video.

Use power of Social Media

Use power of Social Media

This is 2020 and almost every single person is using social media. So if you make a video then promote that video everywhere. Right I know, I think Pinterest and Instagram is the best platform to promote videos.

You can also use Facebook but Facebook has changed the algorithm to videos, so if you upload a video on Facebook then it will rank but if you share link then you won’t get views.

Don’t use Twitter or Facebook to promote YouTube videos. By the way, if you really want to promote on these platforms then upload the same videos on Facebook and build the audience on Twitter.

Remind viewers to Subscribe

Remind viewers to Subscribe 

There are a lot of people who watch my videos but don’t subscribe because they just forget. So whenever you’re shooting video, just say ‘Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more video like this’ in the beginning.

You can also add some animation in between videos. So if someone forgets to subscribe and if they usee Subscribe in the display they might hit the subscribe button.

Add time-laps in the Video description

Add time-laps in the Video description 

This is new for some people because YouTube has just starting to give this feature.

What is Time-laps?

Let’s take the same example “How to Make Money Online”.

This topic has lots of micro points, for example, blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Adsense. So how people will know when you gonna talk about Facebook or YouTube, what if they don’t want to watch entire vides. So what you can do it, if the video length is 10 minutes.

If you gonna talk about YouTube at 1:00 minutes then at 5:00 minutes you gonna talk about Facebook. So, just add the time-laps in the description on a youtube video and YuTube itself show the users that you gonna see at 1:00 minute Rahul is gonna talk about YouTube and after this Facebook and etc

To give you a clear idea, I have added the image above.

Be Regular with your Content

Make Money from YouTube

As I have said many times, you won’t get thousands of views in the beginning. So if you don’t get views then don’t just quit, keep going, just keep going…

Also, if you upload videos every single day then YouTube will also market your videos in search engines. So try to upload two videos every day but if it’s not possible then upload at least one video every day.


YouTube is not that hard to crack. You just need to understand, what people want from you, what kind of video they are looking for on YouTube. Make sure to upload new videos every single day because if you took a week break, people will forget you.

For example, if you go outside for some time and then you come to your home, your family will say, you look different. The same thing will happen with Your YouTube channel, so be consistent.

Still, if you have any questions about YouTube or anything then do let me know in the comment box below.


Use Animation in YouTube Videos

These days, people love to see animation and if you can add a little bit of animation and make a unique then it would be great.

Spend more time to edit videos

I think I have covered this earlier but just for you. Don’t just upload what you have shoot directly on YouTube, as I have said, add some animation, some texts, your YouTube channel intro, Octro, and social media accounts animation.

Spend some time to make that video unique.

YouTube Infographic

How to Grow YouTube Channel in 2020


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