How To Write ebook from Start to Finish


If you haven’t write anything then it will be hard for you to write eBook but it’s not imposable but if you have write something here and there then it’s going to be very easy for you because I’m about tell you everything that you need to know before you write your first eBook.

Also, if haven’t written anything then don’t worry after reading this article, you will know where to start and how to write perfect eBook. By the way, if you want a quick answer then just go at the end of this article because I have added infographic which has a summary of this post, so it will be easy for you.

To write a Book, you just need a laptop or tablet or something where you can write. Now let’s see, how you can go from zero to hero…

Choose the topic

Choose the eBook topic

I think already know what I’m about to say but for those who don’t know. Choose that topic which you love the most, this way it’s going to be easy to write and you won’t get bored after writing two or three pages.

For example, I know how to grow website, I mean if you have website and if that website is not ranking on Google then give me for sometime, your site will be on first spot. This is the reason I wrote “Website and Money” which is available on Amazon.

“Choose what you like the most, don’t choose what’s trending”

For that book, I didn’t need to do lots of research because I already knew what I wanted to write. That book has only 67 pages but those 67 pages have my five years of experience. What I’m saying is, if you have some knowledge about one particular topic then write a book about that topic, once you finish that book, you will have some idea.

Do Proper-Research

Do Proper-Research for eBook

Research is everything whether you know everything about your Book topic, this way you will learn more things and you will able to explain it in the simplest way. Now there are tons of ways to do research, you just need to start somewhere.

Read books related to your book topic

You can read books related to your chosen topic, this way you will get an idea of how other writers have written the same topic in different ways. You don’t need to buy every single book, you can choose the best seller on Amazon or just read an eBook.

Keep in mind, you can grab somethings from books you read but always give credit to those books, don’t just take it. Also, don’t copy and paste everything, just add some quotes or paragraphs.

Read blog post online

If you don’t want to read books then you can also search about your topic on Google and read the first five articles and see how those websites have written.

Ask someone who has already written in the same topic

This is the best way to learn, if you know someone who has already written books on your topic or someone who has knowledge then it’s best to ask that person. You will learn lots of things from that one person rather than Google or from books.

Create Proper Structure

Create Proper eBook Structure

Now I think you have chosen your topic and did research but if you haven’t research properly then just do it now.

I suppose you know everything, now, you have to work on the book Structure. Decide the title of your first chapter, select the images for the each heading, write some of the main bullet points in paper.

I’m going to talk about images after this, so don’t worry about images for now.


Mind-Map means imagine what you want to do next day or what you’re going to archive in your life in next one year. Same way, imagine how your book will look like when in’s finished, I’m not talking about design or look and feel.

I’m talking about the way you gonna write the book, how you gonna add a heading, where you gonna add images, which kind of example you gonna add, whether you can gonna add something from other books or not.

This way, the book will be completed in less time, you wouldn’t need to edit the book when you finish.

Take sometime and think how your book will look when you start writing, you can also make change while you write but if you have some idea then it will be easy to make changes.

Start Writing

Start Writing eBook

Now you have some idea, what you want to write but there is something which you need to remember when you start writing. So let’s take a look at some of the key point which you have to remember.

Write those things which can solve the users problems

If your website is about how to make money from blogging then try to write more about blogging rather the talking about YouTube or even about Facebook. You can talk about other platform but your main topic is blogging, so just don’t lose the track.

The first chapter is the key point of any book, so try to give your 100% in the beginning, this way, users will have some idea, what they gonna learn next and if they like your first book then they will also buy your 2nd book.

Write When you feel like it

This is very important because if you don’t have any idea what you want to write then you will just write anything and that won’t be your best. For example, if you have written two chapters in the day and now if you don’t know what to write next then just leave it right there, don’t force your self.

It’s better to give some time to your self rather then rushing to finish the book.

Don’t quite before you finish

There are many people who started writing a book or they have started a website or anything else but if they didn’t archive something in a short time then they have just quite that work. So if you love what you’re doing and even if you’re not getting money out it then just wait for some time, you will get start earning.

By saying that, if you’re not getting any idea about next chapter then just wait for some time, ideas will automatically pop out in yours. Just give some to yourself.

Use Images

Use Images for eBook

No one wants to just read a book, people also want to see some animations too. For example, just see this article, I have added images for each heading, this way the reader won’t get bored.


If you want to explain something but it’s too lengthy then try to add infographic in your eBook. If you want to see an example then just go at the end of this blog post, I have added infographic which has the summary of this post.

Now you will say, infographic takes too much time, don’t worry I got you covered. Use to make an infographic, there are tons of free templets available which you can use anywhere without any problems.

Images related to topic

Now if you don’t want to add infographic then just add images related to the topic you’re writing. I don’t have to example about images but still, if you want to know then just see each heading on this blog post, you will see the images.

Review the e-book

Review the e-book

Now I think you may have finished the book but if you haven’t then try to finish as soon as possible. There are tons of ways to review the book but I’m gonna add which I had used for my first eBook.

Ask your friends to read

Don’t ever ask your relative to review the book because they won’t tell you whether your book is good or need some improvement. Always go with friends because your friends will always give you true answer, even if you have written good book then still, there will be one friend who will say, this chapter is not good, you should write again.

It’s better to ask some of your close friends to read the book.

Read by yourself

Now, if you don’t want to ask anyone then you have one choice and it’s you. Read by you self and see what you have written and if you find any mistakes then fix it.

I don’t recommend this one because this is your book, you won’t find any big mistake, so it’s better to ask someone to read.

Design e-book cover

Design eBook Cover

Now comes the fun part, I love the design and that’s why you see each image I have used on this blog post represent each of heading.

Like infographic, you can use but if you don’t want to copy and paste someone else work then use Photoshop and make something new. There is nothing much to say here, so I will leave with with quote…

“Every great design begins with an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo, designer

Publish e-book

Publish e-book

Now it’s time to publish the eBook and decide the price.

Don’t ever sell you book at cheap price, I mean why you want to sell your experience at cheap price, you have earned it but don’t just put a random number. For example, my ‘website and money’ book is available on Amazon at Rs 799.

There are tons of ways where you can publish the book but I will tell you two ways which I have published my books and it turned out good for me.

Amazon Kindle

We all know, Amazon started with books and still, Amazon has widest collation of books. So you can publish the books on Amazon but keep in mind, it’s not like, your book will sold by itself. You have to promote the books on social media or you can also promote on Amazon.

Why Amazon is the best?

People trust the brand, so if you publish your eBook on Amazon then people won’t think too much. But if you publish it on an unknown website then people will think, whether will I get a book or this is guanine or not.

I would say, Amazon is where you should sell first and then if you want then try out Instamojo.

Final Words

conclusion how to write ebook

There is nothing you can do now because you have written the book, choose the cover, published the book, and also promoted the book on social media. Now, if you have written what users are looking for then your book will be sold automatically.

Now, enjoy. Don’t worry, if you didn’t work well. This was your first book, try again and again. But if you feel, you have written best then invest some money in marketing.

Also, keep in mind, if you haven’t written the best book and if you also invest money in marketing then it will ruin your name and when you publish your 2nd book, people won’t buy even if you promote. So try to build trust.

What next?

Nothing, sit and relax at your home, enjoy some time and when you have some new idea then write your 2nd book.

There are tons of different factors that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content.” – David Sinick

How To Write eBook: infographic

How To Write eBook infographic

Also, let me know if you have written any books or if you need any help then feel free to tell me in the comment box below.


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