How to Write Perfect Blog Post: Beginner to Expert


One of the most asked questions is how to write a perfect blog post and believe me there is no perfect blog post available on the internet. So now how you define a perfect blog post, so this is what I’m about to tell you in this blog post, whether you are an expert at blogging or starting out new, you will learn something new here.

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When you were writing a blog post for your website, you need to think as a reader. For example, you searched “how to make a tea” on Google, so it’s a simple thing to make at home right but the blog you are reading about Tea is telling you, which is best tea brand, how it’s made and so on & on and at the end, they told you “ways to make tea”. Just think about, would you read it?.

What I’m saying, always stey on the title of your blog post. Suppose you just answered the question under 300 world then leave right there, don’t write 1000 word blog posts.

Now let’s go through some of the main key points which you need to remember when you are writing a blog post.

*Some of the key points you may have read online, so skip those points and focus on what you haven’t read.

Blog Post must solve the reader problem

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

For example, see this blog post. I have said, I will tell you ‘how to write a perfect blog post’ and now if I talk about how to get traffic, how to market content and everything else but I don’t talk about writing a blog post then Google will think that this is not the perfect post to show in search engine.

So if you’re writing about anything then make sure to answer at the start of the blog post and latter you can explain in detail, like what you’re reading right now.

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If you want to see a live example then just type on Google ‘Is it worth buying -any smartphone name-?’ you will see MobileDrop post on the first page or post will in the 1st spot.

In short, your blog post must solve the user’s problem, if they click on your post then they need to stay there, and to do that you have to give what users are looking for.

Learn Google’s featured snippets

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Now if you want your article to be on 1st spot on Google search engine then you must need to learn how Google’s featured snippets work because with the help of Google’s featured snippets your article will get the 1st spot.

Normally, Google picks the second paragraph of your blog post and if you have answered what readers are looking for, and if you solve the problem then boom it will rank 1st on Google.

For example, I gonna take my MobileDrop website. Just type “Redmi 9 prime faqs” and you will see MobileDrop blog post on the 1st spot.

Now, how I did that. I have just answered what users are looking for, I haven’t written anything out of the topic. Just click here and see, how I have written posts, so you get some idea.

One more thing, when you write a blog posts, make sure you write one paragraph that has summary of your blog. This way, Google will get idea that, okay this might solve what users are looking and Google will run some experiment and if users liked it then boom, you just ranked on Google.

Link your older post to latest blog post

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Linking your older article in the latest article is very important because that will give extra watch time to your website and chance to rank higher in search engines. Keep in mind, link only those articles which are related to a particular blog post, for example,

If I have written a “How to Earn Money on YouTube”, so here I can link any of your articles related to money and ways to earn money online but I can’t link “How to make a tea”.

By the way, there is no limit for how many links you can attach to one article, but make sure you link related articles.

Do a Proper Research

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Whether you are writing a small blog post or large blog post, do proper research before you write anything. Don’t write a single word before proper data.

One thing you may have heard, don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality. So don’t forget those things ever because that will give you a better result in the long run. Now to do research, you can read an article online or read a book, go outside observe or watch videos.

Don’t think doing research is a waste of time, it will give you data that you can use in every blog post. Here some ways you can do research for your coming articles…

  • Use the Keyword tool
  • Use Google autosuggestion
  • Watch Videos
  • Read a Book about your niche site
  • interact with people
  • engage with your audience
  • Use BBpress to build a community

Those are some ways you can use and apply right now, yet if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below.

Use Images

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Some people don’t like to read but if they see some good images then they might stick to your website. If you use some good images which reflate your article topic then it would be great for SEO as well as for readers.

Keep in mind, don’t use over 1MB images because that will reduce the speed of your site. Now I won’t go deep here, because there is nothing more to talk about. Just add some nice and in-low size images.

Still, if you have any question about images then do let me know in the comment box below.

Know Your Audiences

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

If you are getting a good amount of traffic and people are also engaging with your articles then do interact with people because they will give you content and suggestions for your website.

Make sure you build a good reputation for your website, so if you write an article about a product. Your audience will know, if this website is saying this product is good then it will be good for me. Now the question is how to build an audience,

  • Create a Mail list
  • Use the BBpress Plugin

Read your article’s comment section to understand your audience. Basically, there are tons of ways to know your audience, you just need to put genuine content on the internet.

Use Bullet Points and Heading

If you have noticed I have used Bullet point as well as Heading for each key point. So Bullet points will give a proper structure to your article and people will understand very easily. If you’re writing a very long article then do use heading and bullet points.

Make sure, use only related Bullet points. Don’t just add anything because people will notice, Bullet points first.

Put Everything in One Article

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

If you are writing “How to Earn Money Online” then you can’t only talk about Google Adsense, you need to add, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Brand deals,, Affiliate Marketing, Photography, In short everything related to making money online in One article.

When you have all the information in a single article then the user will not search again about the same topic and this way website will rank higher in search engines.

No matter how much time it takes to write a blog post or how long it takes, put everything you know about your article topic.

Search for an Article Title

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Now you have done proper research, selected an image, you have a topic to write a blog post, overall you have completed an article. Now it’s time a choose SEO friendly Title, for example, for this article I have used “How to write a perfect Blog Post for your website”.

So make sure you do not choose a very lengthy title, select a not too large and not too small. Now if you don’t know a perfect article title length then use WordPress Plugin name called “Yoast SEO” which will let you know everything about your article.

Extra Tip

When you’re writing a blog post about anything make sure you give an answer in the first two paragraphs, don’t just say, I’m will tell you this and that and so on. Directly jump into an answer and then explain that answer in in-depth.

I have also added infographic at the end, so make you check that out because it will get clear idea.

Conclusion: How to write a perfect Blog Post for your website

How to Write Perfect Blog Post

If you have a news website then, of course, you need to write every day but if you have a specific website for a specific niche then take 3 or 5 days for a single blog post. But of course, if you can maintain the quality of your article then you can write one or two articles every day.

Now if you ask me then I say, do proper research, read a ton of articles about what you want to write, read a book, apply OFF-PAGE SEO as well as ON-PAGE SEO, and then hit the publish button on your computer.

Now that’s about it, if you have any questions regarding anything then do let me know in the comment section below.

Keep in mind nothing is impossible, so keep doing until you succeed.


How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Happy Blogging…


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