Top 10 Profitable Website Niche to look for in 2021


Let’s talk about what kind of website you want to build, not design-wise, what kind of content you want to put on your next website in other words, which is the best niche for you. 2021 has just started, so it’s the best time to choose the best niche and launch a new website in 2021. Before we jump into the juicy part, let me tell you inside the story…

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There are two kinds of niche websites, one only focuses on one topic and doesn’t care about whats going on in other categories. The second one is focused on everything which means if you want to write about technology, politics, money, entertainment or anything else, you can just do it and this can be called News Niche.

Now first, you need to decide which kind of website do you need, only one category or everything in one place. By the way, both have their own pros and cons which we will talk about later on this article. For those who want technical definition then here one from Wikipedia…

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“A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment.” Wikipedia

Now let’s jump to juicy part…


How to get organic Traffic

Tech is growing day by day and most of the people in this world are using at least one tech gadget. You can see, we have smartphones with an in-display fingerprint sensor, in-display cameras, foldable cameras, electric cars, flying cars and much more. So people want to know what’s going on in the technical world.

Now there are tons of websites available on the internet who are providing tech news every day. So yes there is a competition but if you provide something new and different then what others are providing then you can win the game.

So if have interest in tech gadgets then do start tech website because you can do lots of thing with tech website. For example, you can take look at our MobileDrop Website which is all about technology.


Making money online is very easy if you want to start something new and want to take a risk. Now, most of the people don’t know how to earn money online and if they do then they don’t want to try for a long time. So what you can do, make a website where you can teach those people how to earn money or how to invest in money.

For example what I’m doing with this website. In short, if you have experience in this field then spread your knowledge on the internet. By doing this, you will earn money and people will learn something new.


Let me tell you one thing, traveling niche is a little competitive because most of the people are only visiting a few websites and yet it’s a very profitable niche because we all love to travel and we all do our research before going anywhere. So you can start a website which only focuses on the traveling side of things, you can write about the “top 10 places to visit before you die”.

There is no doubt, you will earn money in the traveling niche. So yes if you love to write about traveling or historical places then you can choose this niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Now talking about money, if you want a 100% profitable website then start Affiliate website. You can sign up for Clickbank and choose any product you love and review those products on your website and place affiliate links on that article. This way, you’re giving content and making money from your first website.

To know more about affiliate marketing, do read this article. By the way, here a little bit glims from previews article…

Suppose you have written a review for iPhone 11 on your website and placed a link at the end of the article.

iPhone 11 Price: Rs 69,999 (₹675)

Most of the E-commerce site gives 4% commission electronics.

Now Rs 69,999 x 4% = Rs 2,799 (₹39)

Basically, you get Rs 2,799 ($39) for just selling one iPhone. So if you haven’t integrated affiliate links then do it now…


Everyone loves sport and they all want to know what’s going on in cricket, football or in other sport games. So if you too love sports then convert your love into money, I mean start Sport related website. As I have told you, use affiliate links, here also you can add whatever you want. For example, add bat link, ball link, sports clothes and much more.

You can do more then what I have written here because once you start doing it, you will get the idea of what is best for your website. So yes Sports is also a good and profitable niche to look for.


Like Sports, everyone loves politics, okay not everyone but everyone wants to know what’s going on. So if you enjoy, politics then you can make a website about Politics. Do you know the best thing about politics? it’s money right. You can see most of the news channels are just showing what political parties wants to show you.

Now what you can do, you can just write whatever you want to write, so this way people will trust you and your brand. So if you make a website about politics then be real, just put what is right and forget everything. Overall, it’s a good and money-making niche idea…

Health and Fitness

Like me, everyone is doing exercise, this is what I believe, so if you’re not doing exercise every day then start now because it’s very important for your life. The only thing, not everyone knows what kind of exercise or food she or he wants to eat, here you can help those people. Write, what you do first in the morning, what is the best 5 minutes workout and much more.

You can also start online courses and it could be free or paid. So Health is a very big industry, so if you want to start a website in this niche then today or later you will get a good amount of traffic and you will make money.

Print on Demand 

First, let me explain what is Print and Demand?

It’s a basic service which you provide to people, for example, selling mobile cover with customer’s images, selling Laptop skin with customer’s image, photocopy, etc.

So if you have some experience in this field or just want to start something new then do try this out. By the way, it’s not that hard, so give it a try…


I don’t think, I need to explain what is Gaming, but still, let me explain…

I’m not saying you to play games and upload those videos on the internet, what I’m saying, you just need to give the latest news about what’s going to come next in popular games. For example, write, what is going to come next on PUBG, COD mobile, a new MAP and much more…

Yet, if you want to play games and want to upload videos then do it but your website will need a bigger and better server to handle those videos. So yes there is no doubt, gaming is a very big and strong niche to look for.


I love photography and that’s why I’m planning to launch another website releted to photography, I mean I won’t write, how to become better at photography, it will only have an image which is taken by me, just images, nothing else.

But you can write about photography and if you don’t know anything about photography then check out videos on YouTube. So like me, if you have a passion for Photography then there is nothing better then this niche because this is what you love and if you love what you do then it becomes very easy.

Bonus One

I think 10 is not enough, so I thought let me give a bonus one. I’m talking about Online Seminars, We all have seen seminars and probably visited seminars. Now, what if I tell you you can get all those stuff which you have learned from seminars on your laptop or even in mobiles, sound great.

What you can do, you can create a website that has membership programs. If a person wants to see a seminar then he needs to pay some money and he gets access for a lifetime. This way, that person doesn’t need to go outside and he can watch that seminar whenever he wants.

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Now if you don’t know how to organize seminars then here is a little bit glims from the previous article…

Basically, you interview some famous people from your city who have to accomplish something in their life and they will just gonna talk about their life journey. Now here, it’s up to you whether you want to make this online seminar free or paid, by the way, it doesn’t matter if you’re starting out new because with online seminar you’re providing something great.

Conclusion: Top 10 profitable Niche to look for in 2020

That’s it. Those are the top 10 niches to look for. Before we end this article, it doesn’t matter if you choose tech, photography, travel or anything else, if you’re providing good and quality content then your website will get organic traffic from search engines.

Why you choose a niche, because if you like tech and you choose to travel then someday you will close that website, so first select what you love to write.


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