Top 5 Best WordPress Free Themes for Your WordPress Website [2021]


If you have created a new WordPress website then here is the most important question “should you go with a premium theme or free theme“. So I always recommend going with premium theme because you will get a better option, better optimization but of course, you will need to invest some money in Premium themes.

Now if you don’t have money to invest in premium themes then don’t worry there are lot’s of free themes available but you can’t go through all those free themes right and that’s why I’m here with “Top 5 Free WordPress theme”, so you can choose best for your website.


Airi WordPress Theme
Airi WordPress Theme

Airi WordPress theme comes with beautiful design and tons of customizable options and it’s free to use. Airi theme also has a premium version, so if you like free version and some premium feature then spend some money and get Pro version.

It has almost all the thing that you will need when you start a new blog on WordPress, the good thing is you don’t need to do any kind of coding, it has a drag and drops feature, so just adjust theme as per your business.

The themes also come with twelve pre-built templates which means you can choose any of that template and you good to go. When you install a free Airi theme on your website, you will lose many features, so if you want some premium options then make sure you check out Airi website.

News Portal

News Portal WordPress Theme
News Portal WordPress Theme

Now if your website is about daily news whether it’s about technology, politics, sports or anything else then News Portal is the best free WordPress theme for your website. It doesn’t have lot’s of templates but theme developer has provided lot’s of thing in one single template.

The theme is totally free to use and of course, it also has a premium version. So like I said, if you like free version and want extra features then you can always switch to Pro version.

The News Portal theme is specially designed for newspaper kind websites, so if your website is specially dedicated to daily news then give it a try to News Portal theme, you will like it.


Flash WordPress Theme
Flash WordPress Theme

Flash Free WordPress theme is dedicated to business websites. So yes if you have started a new business and you are looking for the best free WordPress theme then Flash theme is only for you.

It also comes with a couple of pre-built templates, but of course, you will not gonna get all those templates in the free version which means you need to buy a premium version of Flash theme for extra features & templates.

As I have said, it’s dedicated to a business website which means you will get all the features like call button, Google maps widgets, Woocommerce shop pre-built, pricing table, and many more. So in my personal opinion, it’s the best free theme for a business site.

Great Mag

Great Mag WordPress Theme
Great Mag WordPress Theme

Great Mag is one of the best, clean, and simple free WordPress themes available in the market right now. So if you are one of those people who only want a clean and simple looking theme then Great Mag could be a great choice for your website.

Like the News Portal theme, the Great Mag theme also doesn’t have a pre-built template, so you need to work with only one template.

Great Mag theme has lots of widgets that you can try but in my personal opinion, the Premium version has lot’s more features than the free version, so just use this theme for a while and if you like free version then go with the premium version after some time.


Astra WordPress Theme
Astra WordPress Theme

Like Divi Page builder, Astra theme also has a pre-built page builder inside the theme which menas you can create your website pages as per your business. It also has tons of pre-built templates but of course, all those templates are not available in the free version.

The Astra free WordPress theme is totally customizable which means you can add whatever you want on your website via this theme. It also has woocommerce shop pre-built which means you can create dedicated pages for your shop.

Overall if you are looking for all in one theme then Astra theme is only for you, it has all the things that will be needed for a new website and the good thing is you don’t need to do any kind of coding.

If you can spend money on WordPress theme then Astra is one of the best themes where can put your money blindly as this is lightness theme. In short, your website will load faster than ever as Astra is light theme even free version will be good enough but to get all the feature, you have to get Pro version.

These are the top 5 Free WordPress theme, now if you have any questions about any of those themes or anything else the do let me know in the comment box below.


If you ask me, I would say go with Astra theme as this is the well-coded theme as well as a light theme but keep in mind, the free version has simple UI. So to get most out of it, you have to code and if you don’t know codding then it’s better to get Pro version.

5 Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress ThemesVersion
News PortalFreemium
Great MagFreemium

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