Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Now? – COVID effect


COVID-19 is by far the scariest thing happened in decades, most of the people are suffering at home, some of them don’t even have jobs but there are some people who are making tons of money because of this COVID-19.

Now, you will say, how this can happen, I lost my job, I don’t have money….

Yes, that’s true but there is saying when the economy goes down, it’s better to invest money everywhere because today or tomorrow, the economy will be stable and then that invested money will grow like, you can’t even imagine.

Best way to invest money in Stock Market but that’s another topic for some another day, today let’s see why you should invest your money in Real Estate?

People Don’t have money

Most of the people has lost their money or they don’t have money to buy grocery and that’s why some people are selling their property at a very low price. This is what I have seen recently because my neighbour just sold their house at only 7 lakhs and that house market price was 13 lakhs and guess what who bought the house, obviously, I bought it.

Like this there are lots of people who are selling their property at low cost, you just need to find those people or you can also content Real Estate agent.

So if you have money and if you want to invest that money then Real Estate could be a good option. Also, if you have Stock Market knowledge then I would say, you can skip Real Estate and just invest in the Stock Market.

Government Subsidy

If you don’t know, the Indian government gives five lakhs to build a house. So if you want to build a house and then just apply for a government subsidy, you will get five lakhs in your account once you build the house.

For example, the cost of building new house is 10 lakhs, so government will give you five lakhs back and it won’t take two years or more time to get that five lakhs subsidy, it will be deposited in your account immediately.

By the way, government subsidy can be given to one person only, you can’t just build a house after house. Also, if you have a government job then the government won’t give you a subsidy.

Buy and Sell or Renting

There are two ways to make money from Real Estate,

  • Buy the property and sell it, one price goes high
  • Buy the property and Rent it

I’m the second kind of person, if I buy a new house or even a shop, I always rent it. But if I know that this is not the best investment or after some time, the price for this property will go down then I will sell it.

It depend on time .

Bottom Line: Real Estate

If you have money then its good time to invest because this is the best time to dabble your money. There are tons of ways where you can invest money, Real Estate is one of them. I have invested most of my money in the stock market and that turned out good for me.

One more thing, don’t invest money in stock market, if you don’t know how it works because I have lost thousands of money. So it’s better to do some research and then invest your money in stock.

Real Estate also needs some research but it’s not complicated as stock market. You can just invest in good areas or maybe in your society too

That’s it for now, do let me know, whether you have bought new property in the lockdown or sold something. I would love to hear your thought…

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